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Thank you, Sir Alex.

Thank you, Sir Alex.

Thank you, Sir Alex.

Noppatjak Attanon

Sooner or later we all know this day will come. Sir Alex Ferguson retires in his own style. Four minutes from an appointed time of 9.15 in the morning of Manchester. A fine remembrance of a famous “Fergie Time”.
More than half of Manchester United fans worldwide never see their team without the gaffer. His longevity sometimes made us forget that one day he has to be away.
Even on the day that every pressers mention a strong possibility that he will retire.
We still don’t believe.
And for some of us, even with an official confirmation from the club.
We still don’t believe.
The truth is that Sir Alex Ferguson has been with the club for 26 years.
In that 26 years we have changed schools, working places, some has changed girlfriends or even their own names like I did.
But one thing never changed.
On given Saturday Sir Alex Ferguson will always be there at the stand of Old Trafford ready to jump up and down celebrating when the team grasp a winner in the final minutes. The kind of moment makes it worth for a fan across the globe to stay up and watch the game at three in the morning.
It’s hard to believe to see someone disappear from where he belongs, the manager seat at Old Trafford. For an organisation he has transformed a team at the bottom of the league to a global brand with tremendous success. For the league he plays a big part setting up the standard that entertains football fans around the world.
Players come and go. There will be another Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo but there had been only one Sir Alex and sometimes we fool ourselves that he will be there forever.
But in reality, he just can’t.
Sir Alex Ferguson always tries his best for Manchester United.
Even when he decides to leave he still wants to make sure the team is in a perfect condition. “It was important to me to leave an organisation in the strongest possible shape and I believe I have done so.” was his final words for retirement.
For a man of 71 years old, it is a time for a good rest.
The old man owes that to his family.
And we all owes that to him.
For sure every things he did for us will be remembered.
Players he has signed and brought from the youth system, final minutes’s goals, his press conferences, his smiles and fighting spirits.

Thank you Sir Alex.

Your philosophy will be remembered.

Noppatjak Attanon
A fan who will never get tired of watching you jump up and down celebrating goals on the manager seat of Old Trafford.